Foods to Eat with Braces

Getting braces definitely makes your mouth feel a little different. At First Class Orthodontics, we want you to feel comfortable eating while you get used to your new braces. The last thing you might be thinking about is eating, but there are certain foods you can easily eat during this process.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Dairy – soft cheese, pudding milk-based drinks
  2. Breads – soft tortillas, pancakes, muffins without nuts
  3. Grains – pasta, soft cooked rice
  4. Meats and poultry – soft cooked chicken, meatballs, lunch meats
  5. Seafood – tuna, salmon, crab cakes
  6. Vegetables – mashed potatoes, steamed spinach, beans
  7. Fruits – applesauce, bananas, fruit juice
  8. Treats – ice cream without nuts, milkshakes, Jell-O, soft cake

While you might be craving some crunch, there are also several foods to avoid eating when you have braces.

  1. Chewy foods – bagels, licorice
  2. Crunchy foods – caramel candies, chewing gum
  3. Sticky foods – caramel candies, chewing gum
  4. Hard foods – nuts, hard candies
  5. Foods that require biting into – corn on the cob, apples, carrots

We also suggest you drink a lot of water! Think “healthy” during this process. Lots of patients fall into the trap of milkshakes and ice cream when they first get braces. Don’t fall for it! Try another alternative like oatmeal, yogurt or soup. Who knows, you might even end up discovering a new favorite food!

It is also best to avoid soda and other sugary drinks. These are more likely to cause cavities and corrosion while you have braces.

Generally, it is recommended to stick with soft, smooth, easy to chew items. Chances are your mouth is a little tender or sore. This is perfectly normal and expected during your adjustment to new braces. We promise this will not last forever!

Many patients look to cold foods and drinks to help with this. To relieve the pain, we recommend dissolving one teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of lukewarm water. Swish and gargle this solution in your mouth for a few minutes (do not swallow the saltwater).

If the pain is more severe and does not go away after rinsing, you can also try taking a pain reliever. It is also not uncommon for your lips, cheeks, and tongue to become irritated for one to two weeks as they toughen and become used to the braces. We would be happy to give you some wax that you can put over the braces to lessen the tenderness. If you need some wax, please let us know.

With braces from First Class Orthodontics, you can finally achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. See what Dr. Boral can do for you, and upgrade your smile by scheduling an appointment today.

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